In the Name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The Message was delivered to Ahmed N. Sezer, the President of Republic of Turkiye on 21 December 2000. Check it.
60 (6 x 10) days later after the Warning sent, there was a big
Crisis in Turkiye on 19 February (2) 2001.

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Crisis rocks Turkish Government.
political argument between Prime Minister (Right) Bulent Ecevit and President (Left) Ahmed N. Sezer
caused a shock on fragile Turkish economy, draining it of billions of dollars in a couple of hours.
Overnight interest rates spiked as high as 3000 percent and Central bank in Turkiye lost $5 billion.
It was the largest single day dollar loss ever for Turkiye.
Total loss of Turkiye in this Crisis is $16.5 billion.
This government is
57 th (19x3) coalition government in Turkiye.

By GOD's will, on 21 December (12) 2001,
 I sent the Warning with a letter
Turkish version of the Quran and the book about the Code 19
to the Leaders of the Pol
itical Parties ;

Bulent Ecevit - (Leader of DSP) & Prime Minister of Republic of Turkiye
Mesut Yilmaz - (Leader of ANAP)
Devlet Bahceli - (Leader of MHP)
Tansu Ciller - (Leader of DYP)

his Warning with a letter was also sent to the members of the Parliament and the Media.

                                              Praise be to GOD, Most High, be Glorified