In the Name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

In the Name of GOD and by GOD's will ,
the Year
2280 is the Year that GOD shall End the World (
18:7, 8 ; 69:13 - 16).

The End of the World is the End of the Test for the Human beings and the Jinns.
54:1 points the fact that The Hour is Near and the Moon has split.
The Moon did split in the Year
The Hour is the hour of the End of the World and it is the Year 2280.

GOD points out that
the Hour for the End of the World will be revealed
before it happens by GOD (
7:187, 20:15, 31:34, 33:63).

The Moon and the Sun has ended in the Year 2279.
The Earth shall end this Year, 2280 (19x120).
the Omen day, 24.9.2279,
the Humanity shall suffer the retribution
285 (19x15) days.

                                              The End of the World - 6.7.2280

The Earth did suffer 285 days, GOD did punish the Devils all around the World.
Today, 6.7.2280, GOD shall End the World.
Today, it will be the End of The Human Race.
Today is the Last Day of 7 th Day and GOD shall create the 8 th Day.
7 th Day ends in 18,250,000,000 years of Universe time after the Big Bang.
7 th Day Ends and 8 th Day begins.
GOD shall create 8 th Universe, the Hell on the 8 th day.
GOD shall recreate the Earth for the Judgment Day on the 8 th Day.
GOD shall recreate the Human beings on the new Earth on the Resurrection Day, 8 th Day.

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Praise be to El Ilah, The Creator. Praise be to El Ra, The Power.