In the Name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

In the Name of GOD and by GOD's will ,
Othe 8 th Day, GOD shall create 8 th Universe, the Hell on the 8 th day, The Judgment Day, The Resurrection Day.
The Angels shall move the 8 th Universe to the near Earth, the new one that GOD shall create.
After 112,785,000 years on the 8 th day, 18,362,785,000 years of Universe time after the Big Bang,
GOD shall command the Angel that He created for the Second Horn.
The Second Horn is blown. The sound is the Resurrection calling, The Exodus.
The Human beings shall be resurrected on the new Earth.
From Adam, the first human on Earth to
6.7.2280, the End of the World,
all the human beings that lived 6346 years on Earth shall wake up,
but the Humanity shall not realize that long time, it will be like for them as if  just a day passed.

Every human being shall be recreated with new design which shall be suitable for 8 Heavens.
With a new design, the Cells shall renew itself, therefore you shall never die and never age.
With a new design, in order to move within 8 Heavens,
you shall need Energy which shall be downloaded by GOD according to your Life time spent on this Earth.
As soon as the Human beings hear the sound, they shall wake up and depart the Earth
then move to the one spot to the Caller very near to the Earth.
Every Human being with his companion, the Jinn on Earth shall receive their Life recordings.
They shall be judged according to it
and after the judgment, they shall receive their amount of Energy which shall be downloaded by GOD.

8 th Universe shall be the Hell for Satan and his Party ; Disbelievers, Hypocrites and Idol worshipers
Believers shall be downloaded Positive Energy in order to reach High Heaven.
GOD's Prophets, Messengers and Believers shall receive that amount of Energy.
Submitters shall receive enough Positive Energy in order to reach Lower Heaven.
Satan shall receive the most Negative Energy which shall make him to 7 th Categorized Hell, the Lowest in Hell
His Party ; Disbelievers, Hypocrites and Idol worshipers, shall receive Negative Energy.
More Negative Energy cause them to have more retribution to suffer more and make them Lower in Hell
Their body shall burn but the Cells renew itself so they shall have new body in order to suffer the retribution forever
The human beings that receive Equal amount of Positive and Negative Energy shall stay in Purgatory
between Hell and Lower Heaven. After sometime, GOD will show His Mercy to the Purgatorians
and shall release the shield between the Purgatory and the Lower Heaven.
The Purgatorians shall be in Lower Heaven

8 th Day.The Hell....Watch the Video

By GOD's leave, I shall give you a little inside information
about the Hell, the Purgatory, Lower Heaven, High Heaven and the 9 th Day, the Last Day.

Praise be to El Ilah, The Creator. Praise be to El Ra, The Power.