In the Name of GOD,  Most Gracious, Most Merciful

This is the Message of GOD to the World.
I invite you all people living on Earth to submit to GOD alone,
worship GOD alone and follow the book of GOD alone.

All religions have been corrupted through innovations, traditions,
idolization of human beings such as Prophets, Messengers, saints and religious leaders.
Such religions including its sects are the religions of Satan.

There is only One GOD, to be worshipped, commemorated and praised.
There is only One Religion accepted by GOD, that is Submission (Islam).
There is only One Book, to be followed, that is The Quran.

Torah and Gospel were books of GOD,
but today they are not because Satan added and changed the verses,
and mixed the words of GOD with the words of men
in order to misled human beings from the path of GOD.
Torah and Gospel became the Satanic Innovations, even though we can find the words of GOD in these books.

The Quran is the last book, the last testament and GOD promised to preserve it.
GOD protects His Book, The Quran with the number 19 that serves as a Proof and a Primer.
By the mathematical miracle and code of 19 , the satanic verses (9:128-129) injected by Satan were detected
and thus were taken out of The Quran. This Quran is The Book of GOD and it is the

All human beings shall die and on the Judgment Day, they shall be resurrected,
then they shall be summoned before GOD to be judged with what they had done in this world.
That Day, that Hour is coming very soon.

  I proclaim to all people living on Earth that whoever receives the Message of GOD ;

        "Submit to GOD alone, Worship GOD alone,
          Follow the Book of GOD, The Quran alone."

          and disbelieves it, they shall suffer forever (4:169).
          Satan invites them to the Hell (

          The one , who believes it, shall be happy.
          GOD invites them to the Paradise (

          Ask forgiveness from GOD. GOD is Most Merciful and Forgiver (3:31).
          You shall reverence GOD and obey GOD's Messenger.

 (3;32, 3;132, 5;92, 8;20, 24;54, 47;33, 64;12).

                                     Praise be to GOD, Most High, be Glorified