In the Name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The Message was delivered on 21 December 2001. Check it.
The Quake did hit central Turkiye on 3 February 2002.
21 December 2001 and 3 February 2002, there are 6 weeks. The Quake happened with 6 Richter scale

1 January 2000 was popularly celebrated as the beginning of the 3 rd Millennium,
which shall be
the Last Millennium in the History of Humankind.
1 January 2000 and 3 February 2002 there are 109 weeks or 765 days.
Let's add these two connected numbers ;

109 + 765 = 874 (19x46)

In the Qaf table,
874 th word of GOD is at 9:11.
The Hour of this Quake is

3 February 2002 is the Last Days of 331 till the end of this year.

3:31....Proclaim : "If you love GOD, you should follow me."
GOD will then love you and forgive your sins. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful

The Message was delivered to
4 Party Leaders on 21 December 2001.
The sickness of Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit and the crisis pushed them to make the General Election
3 November 2002. This was the Day of the Political Quake.
4 Parties and their members, all of them had been destroyed. They have no place in the Turkish Parliament.
AKP , so called islamic party, actually Fundamentalists, won the election.

Hereby, 57 th government, constituted by 3 partners, DSP - MHP - ANAP, went down.
It was constituted in
28 May 1999 and ended in  3 November 2002.
28 May 1999 and 3 November 2002, there are.....

1254 days
 (19 x 66)
                           One GOD

66 is the Gv of GOD, ALLAH and the number 19 is the Gv of `Vahida`, One.
They can not escape from the truth, even if they disbelieve the Messenger of GOD,
even if they ignore the Message of GOD. They shall always face the fact and the truth.

Between 21 December 2001 and 3 November 2002, there are 45 weeks or 316 days.
Let's add these two connected numbers ;

45 + 316 =
361 (19 x 19)

Now, it is time to deliver the Message to so called islamic party, the fundemantalists.
But this time, we shall give them only
13 days.
If they insist to disbelieve the Message, the time shall start on
3 January 2003.

By GOD's will, on 21 December (12) 2002,
I sent the Warning with a
letter including Turkish version of the Quran and the book about the Code 19
to the Leaders of the Pol
itical Parties ;

Tayyip Erdogan - (Leader of AKP) & Prime Minister of Republic of Turkiye
Deniz Baykal - (Leader of CHP)

his Warning with a letter was also sent to the members of the Parliament and the Media.

                 Praise be to GOD, Most High, be Glorified