In the Name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


By GOD's will, today (1.1.2009), I declare the Warning that
In the Name of GOD and by GOD's will ,
there will be
the Quake on 25.11.2009.

The only verse in the Quran that has Gv of 2008 is 8:21.
8:21 is 1188 th verse including Basmalah in the Quran.

8 21 + 1188 = 2009 (287x7)

Once upon a time,
the disbelievers among the Children of Israel did idolize GOD's Prophet and Messenger Ezra
and made him a son of GOD (9:30).
The Gv of 'Ezra' is 287.
1188 is 66 x 18 : 66 is Gv of 'Allah', GOD and 18 is Gv of 'Vahid', One.
The Message ; There is only One GOD

26:59 points out the Children of Israel.
This verse has 21 letters and its Gv is 1903.

26 + 59 + 1903 + 21 = 2009 (287x7)


Here is the Message, the Warning to the Children of Israel.
In fact, it is not just for the Children of Israel but also for all disbelievers in this World.

The Children of Israel, 2009.....Watch the Video


The Message was delivered to
Mahmud Ahmadinejad,
6 th President of Iran on September 19, 2007.
Check it.
Iran is the center of the Shia sect of so called islam, basically a Satanic religion.
GOD's wrath is upon the Disbelievers.
The Martyr of Neda is the beginning of the Destruction of Satanic Shia Empire.

Iran, 2009.....Watch the Video

25.11.2009 - The Miracle

In the Name of GOD and by GOD's will ,
on 25 November (11) 2009 ,
2 Quakes, Quake pairs did occur.
Measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale hit Tonga at 2:47 (19x13).
Measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale hit Buharkent (Aydin-Denizli) in Turkiye at 12:53.
On the same day, measuring 5 on the Richter scale hit Samoa islands
and measuring 4.8 on the Richter scale hit Vanuatu
but these are not counted because they were the aftershocks of the main Quake of Tonga.
By GOD's will, the Prophecy is fulfilled.

The hour of the Quake of Tonga, 2:47 (19x13) has very significant message.
In the Quran, Gv of arabic 'Ehad' , one is 13 and Gv of arabic 'vahida' , one is 19.
The Earth with the Quake is shouting and commemorating ; there is only One GOD.

Both Quakes, the Quake of Tonga and the Quake of Turkiye
had the same number of depth ; 10 km
In the Quran, Gv of arabic number 10 , Aser is 570 (19x30)
which is Gv of GOD's Messenger Bahattin Uzunkaya.
Next Year is the Year of 2010 and it ends with the number 10.
By GOD's will, as GOD's Messenger, I (570) shall throw my staff
with the Quran, 666 , like Moses (116) did
at the very beginning of the Year 2010.


The Agenda of 2009 was Israel. In January, Israeli forces invaded Gaza strip
and on January 21, it had completed pullout from Gaza after destroying it.
Gaza war deaths were more than 1400.
In February, the elections for 18 th knesset were held in Israel.
In May, Pope Benedict 16 visited Israel. What a big picture it is !
Today's generation of Jews that provoked killing Jesus on one side,
today's generation of Romans that killed Jesus and then idolized him on the other.
Both sides are guilty. Put the blame where the blame lies !

                                          Praise be to GOD, Most High, be Glorified